Legacy Programs Conversion from xBase, Clipper, FoxPro, dBase


  • seamlessly run on 64bit Windows systems
  • renew your expandability potential
  • access any device or printer
  • take advantage of modern technology
  • overcome memory limitations

We have been working with Clipper since 1985 and have successfully migrated numerous mission critical applications from the DOS environment to the latest flavors of 32/64 bit Windows systems. But making it just work is not where we stop.

Is it worth doing?

We focus on medium to large legacy applications where a substantial investment in software and practices needs to be re-evaluated. What is worth doing and how, and what not. Often a minimal functionality is all that is justified. Other times the dependencies and costs already involved are so extensive that a serious re-assessment is imperative. Re-assessment may show that parts of the system are obsolete and need to be discarded while others require a major overhaul in order to be in tune with modern technologies. This is where we also come in. We make sure you not only protect, but also leverage your previous investment as is warranted without the risk of remaining outdated. It is possible that lots of program code and business logic may be salvaged at a moderate cost.

Not only will we help you reach the wisest decision but we will be there to support and implement it as well.

Will your users suffer a cultural shock?

Probably a negligible one because we take into account interface practices and respect them. Like the keyboard for instance which should behave as expected. A graphical interface is never an acceptable excuse for reduced productivity.

Is this a half-way solution?

No, it need not be. Your application can be as advanced as you wish both in terms of interface as well as in terms of other capabilities like supporting multimedia or being web-aware or sending e-mails or texting messages to mobiles.

How about the data?

We make sure nothing is lost. On the contrary we will port all historical data to new databases if needed without any data loss.

Will I be able to operate the old application concurrently with the new one?

Most likely. We aim at zero down time, gradual, safe and stress-free migration. Not all users will need to convert at once.


So if yours is not a one-off minor project but an important part of your business, we urge you to give us a call or write. We will more than happy to discuss your options.